Release notes

5.3 (build 2023.09.07.2)



#1 WinShortcutter has a brand new and modern logo
#2 Notarization process fixed to pass security approval required by Apple for full-fledged macOS software

Version 5.2 (build 2022.08.25.1)



#1 Textual changes to make the messages more clear for the users.

Version 5.1 (build 2022.06.03.1)



#1 The latest version of WinShortcutter 5.1 includes improvements to product installation with full support and privileges from Apple. All notarizations and process forms have passed security approval, and WinShortcutter 5.1 is now fully supported by Apple as full-fledged macOS software.

Version 5.0 (build 2022.05.25.1)

25. 05. 2022

New Features

#1 Universal installer, native support for M1 (ARM) processors
#2 Upgrade to the browser extensions (Firefox and Chrome extension available from stores)
#3 TECH-ARROW Store integration


#4 Full platform upgrade to the latest XCode
#5 Small design and textual corrections
#6 Performance and stability fixes


#1 Native M1 support Is your MAC using an M1 processor? Yes, we know, the old WinShortcutter also runs on it, thanks to the Rosetta compatibility layer. But this layer leads sometimes to compatibility issues and requires some extra resources from your machine, which will impact your battery lifetime. Now, WinShortcutter can natively run on M1 processors as well. The different binaries are packed into the same intelligent installer, so you do not even need to know which binaries to install; the installer will do the job for you and will select and install the correct versions for your MAC to run natively on both processor architectures.
#2 Browser extensions upgrade The browser extensions were not updated for a longer time. We hope we are making WinShortcutter users happy with the announcement that we have reviewed and updated WinShortcutter’s browser extensions for all browser platforms: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. The Chrome and Firefox extensions were directly published into the store, while the Safari extension is directly installed by WinShortcutter app, you just need to enable it. The Firefox extension is also extended to handle file URLs, which are using only two slashes (file://). Such URLs are not supported by Firefox but are supported in Chrome and Safari. Now, WinShortcutter browser extension will generalize that for you to have the same functionality in all browsers!
#3 TECH-ARROW Store integration WinShortcutter is now fully integrated with TECH-ARROW store. When your subscription expires, you can visit your subscription management page by using a single button click from WinShortcutter’s preference pane.
#4 Platform upgrade The new WinShortcutter looks visually mostly the same for the users, however in the background, we did a full platform upgrade and moved to the latest XCode version. This results safer code and faster execution. You will invisibly gain a lot with these changes.
#5 Design and textual improvements The previous version of WinShortcutter had some design issues on newer OS versions in the preferences pane. Thanks to the platform upgrade we were able to solve all of them. You will see now a clean and visually appealing preferences pane. Enjoy!
#6 Performance and stability fixes For us, the customers’ satisfaction is most important. We are putting enormous resources into continuously improving our product. As a part of this endeavor, a lot of improvements were made to make the application faster and more stable, so your WinShortcutter experience could be better than it has ever been before.

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