WinShortcutter for Mac

Collection of utilities to help you work in a Windows dominant office environment

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Open Windows shortcuts

You can open shortcuts created MS Windows just as any other file!

Open links from browser

Thanks to new Browser Extension you can open links to local or shared (“file://”) files directly by clicking on the link in your browser.

Runs on Big Sur and Monterey

And older Mac systems are supported too!

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Cool extensions and features

View thumbnails in the Finder.

Quicklook will show, where the shortcut points to.

Copy filename paths to the clipboard directly from Context Menu. You can then paste the text into an email or your WIKI Server.

Enhanced Mapping of shares with arbitrary path.

And even more...

Path copy can also produce Paths with backslashes '\' for Windows. You can share such path with Windows users.

Support for CIFS.

For more information check out our Online documentation.

Download our EULA here.

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Support WinShortcutter


  • Open Windows shortcuts
  • Quicklook
  • Enhanced Mapping
  • Path copy
  • Limited updates
  • No support


  • 19,99€ One-time purchase
  • All FREE version features
  • Browser and Finder extensions
  • Full updates
  • Professional support
  • You can support a good cause 🙂

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